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The ceremony:

An order of service

  1. Processional

  2. Words of Welcome

  3. Introduction

  4. Question of Impediment

  5. Address to the Gathering

  6. Readings

  7. Presentation of the Bride

  8. Blessing of Family & Friends

  9. Exchange of Vows & Rings

  10. Declaration of Marriage

  11. The Kiss

  12. Signing of the Register

  13. Presentation of the Couple

  14. Recessional


Christian rites

  1. Celebration of the Eucharist (Communion)

  2. Blessing of the Rings

  3. Prayer of Thanksgiving

  4. Petitions of the People

  5. Nuptial Blessing

Filipino & Mexican traditions

  1. Candle Sponsors

  2. The Cord and Veil ceremony

  3. Giving of coins (arrhae/arras)

Inter-faith services:

Jewish traditions

  1. Bedeken (Veiling of the Bride)

  2. Ketubah (the Marriage contract)

  3. The Chuppah (marriage canopy)

  4. Blessing over Wine

  5. Seven Blessings

  6. Breaking of the Glass

Other faith traditions

  1. Sapta Padi (Hindu seven steps)

  2. The Four Directions (Druidic)

  3. Prayers from various traditions (Anglican to Zoroastrian)

Your ceremony

All you need is love ~ weddings

Wedding officiant services for the Greater Toronto area

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A few other popular options:

  1. The Ring Warming Ceremony

  2. The Rose Ceremony

  1. Presentation of Flowers

  2. Memorial Candle

  1. The Unity Candle

  2. Celtic Hand-fasting

For non-English speaking guests, I would be pleased to include a few words of welcome and vows in the following languages: